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A Quiver of Crows


  • A difficult twin-stick set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls.
    Frantic Battles in a Grim World
    • Unlike most shmups, this world is made up of flesh, bones, and dirt instead of the common rigid objects such as ships set in space.
    • Each enemy type has a unique set of behaviors.
    • Most foes do not follow preset patterns. Instead, they try to hunt you down.
    • Some enemies fly in close for melee combat. Others will shoot from a far away range.
    Co-op Twin-Stick Action
    • The game blends the insanity of shmups with the free range of motion of twin-stick shooters.
    • Find a friend. Find a couch. Have tons of fun with the optional single-screen couch co-op!
    Upgradeable Weapons, Bombs, and Shields
    • Collect and enhance a variety of weapons. Influenced by traditional shmups, watch as your weapons’ firing trajectory and pattern change with each upgrade.
    • From heat seeking quills to things that go BOOM, collect them all and use them to crush your foes!
    • Upgrade your shields to withstand relentless attacks.
    Play on Windows, Mac, & Linux
    • Best played with a twin-stick controller. Steer with the left stick, aim with the right.
    • Never fear! You can also use your keyboard and mouse.

GPUabuse score

Buggy - 6%


A Quiver of Crows - I was not a big fan of this title unfortunately, I'm sure it was due to some of the bugs during game play. I'll give it another shot... probably.

User Rating: 0.2 ( 1 votes)

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