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Perfect Universe

a monochrome hand drawn 2D platform game due February 2016 from indie developer Will Sykes. At its heart Perfect Universe is a mind-bending platformer that plays with gravity. Featuring three core single player games and a further six multi-player events. Glide among the stars in classic 2D platforming style in Perfect Moon. Manoeuvre a rocket ship across a selection of levels with a new take on the ‘thrust’ style genre in Starlight. Take on the challenge of guiding Mr Legs (an alien being with an intricate and bizarre control scheme) around space in Moon Life. Compete against friends (or AI) in Sports Day, a special multi-player focused selection of games that continue to use gravity in interesting ways, such as using a planet’s gravitational pull to get a hole in one in Moon Golf or frantically controlling Mr Legs in a four-versus-four bubble popping conquest for points.


• Local multi-player games (1-4 players)
• Moon Golf – a side on game of interplanetary golf
• Gravity Dodge – a frantic death match in gravity warping arenas
• Rocket Ball – air hockey played with rocket ships
• Balloon Pop – flail about to pop more balloons than your friends
• Moon Volley – volley ball played around a moon
• Rocket Race – race round a track in a rocket ship
• 9 games in total; mind bending gravity; local multiplayer; unique art style

GPUabuse score

Unique Fun! - 65%


Perfect Universe features a collection of entertaining gravity games. We strongly suggest this amazing time-killer!

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