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Razer – Windrunner hoodie/jacket.

The Razer Windrunner Hoodie

This is my third article in line about Razer products. The first was the Razer Stargazer and second was the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Ear Buds. This time around I wanted to pick something that hasn’t gotten very many reviews and doesn’t really have any competition against it. Razer is currently one of the only gaming product companies that sells clothing. Many companies have hats or maybe a singular t-shirt, but Razer has an entire page of clothing options. This allows Razer to offer their patrons, users, and customers, a chance to wear the same styling of clothes that players in Major League Gaming wear, while they advertise their products. One genius move by Razer.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Razer Windrunner a few months back and I immediately liked it. The slim and sleek design is perfect for todays fashion standards. It is one of the only hoodies/jackets that I have come across that is both warm and thin. This is because of the amazing outer shell that blocks the wind out and the inner polar fleece that insulates your body from the cold temperatures. I live in Illinois, so winters can be a bit harsh. If the jacket by itself isn’t warm enough, a simple sweater or another hoodie can easily bolster the warmth of the jacket. The collar is designed to block out the wind, so you don’t get any draft flowing down through your chest. Most jackets that you would find out there that are similar are hiking jackets. These usually cost almost $100 more, and in some cases they can run even higher. One thing that is truly unique about the Windrunner is that is has fleece inside the hood. This added warmth makes it a wonderful choice for multiple types of colder weather.

The Windrunner is definitely beating out the competition here, but there are a few downfalls to the jacket. First of all the sizing can run a little small, so consider ordering one to two sizes larger than you normally wear. Go two sizes if you want to be able to fit a hoodie or sweater underneath. Second for a gaming jacket, it really doesn’t have enough pockets. Most gamers I know, including myself, want something that you can fit your everyday carry items into besides a backpack. There aren’t any inner pockets or outside zipper pockets for this purpose. The only pockets are side pockets for your hands. They have no way to close, so you run the risk of losing whatever items you place inside. This may have been a simple error in the conceptualization process of the design, or it could be a ploy to get you to buy into a Razer backpack. Either way, it would be a smart move on their part to do a re-design. I can see this issue deterring customers from purchasing it.

Personally, I give this jacket an 8/10. While being incredibly warm and great in multiple conditions of weather, it definitely lacks the utility one would want. Thank you for reading. This is Evan AKA Maddcap signing out.

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