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Why you should buy Razer’s Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds.

Why you should buy Razer’s Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds.

Razer has been slowly taking over the gaming peripherals industry for the last ten years. Their rise in success has placed their products among the very best in the world. This has allowed them to sponsor live broadcasts for Major League Gaming. Which implies to the viewer that their product line is the best if you want speed and accuracy like the pro’s have. The Blackwidow keyboard and all of its versions have been the go to for mechanical keyboards. The Deathadder mouse is one of the best and least expensive options for shooters as well as most other games. These two items have been the bread and butter for Razer. While being used in the pro circuit, and easily view-able in MLG matches, most Razer headphone products do not have an abundance of reviews. This is why I am writing about the Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds.

There are a lot of really great options out there for headphones at the moment. Right now, if you pit any major gaming companies headphones against each other it will be a close tie. The Hammerhead Pro V2 is one of the few exceptions and goes above and beyond.

Let’s start with the basics of why these earbuds are so good. First of all, they are designed to be connected with the Blackwiddow keyboard, the input and output are already on the side. You can also plug them directly into your motherboard ports. The earbuds come with a removable splitter to be able to connect to the output and input. Which is one great move by Razer to get their clients to buy a set. They work well with almost every major platform. You can use them on Android and iOS phones, as well as iPods, Kindle Fire tablet, and of course any Razer product. This offers a good choice for gaming, as well as everyday carry. The earbuds cables are strong, durable, and last a lot longer than any competitor on the market. The two major reasons for this are the barrel speaker holders and the thickness of the cables. As well as how they are attached to the buds/barrel enclosure. The enclosures made out of metal not cheap plastic. They can take a beating and still work great. The package also come with a really tough carrying case that will insure that you get the most life out of them. Inside the carrying case is a mesh pocket to house your splitter, as well as different sized rubber earbud ends. Which makes it so anyone can comfortably wear them.

The buds/enclosure is designed with gamers in mind. There is an acoustic chamber that helps make the clarity of the sound sharper than any earbuds I have ever used. This makes hearing important game sound effects like foot steps far easier to hear. The only thing lacking is that you will not get directional orientation of sound. This is not a complete deterrent. If I am going on a gaming spree with a shooter like Counter-Strike GO there is an option to consider. You can use the buds if you want better voice clarity, I simply put them on and put my 7.1 surround sound headphones over them. Then I tune them in so that both are easy to hear. One slight downfall about the Hammerhead’s is the lack of bass. They designed them this way for clarity. If you want to add more bass, download a program or app for your other devices. You want to get one that allows you to adjust frequencies of the output, or has a bass boost. I would not suggest adding much to your lower ends(the bass) if you are gaming though.

I have tried other brands of headphones, some with lower price ranges, some that were double the price. The Hammerhead Pro V2’s are definitely the way to go for cost and effectiveness.

Thanks for reading. This Evan aka Maddcap from GPUabuse signing out.

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