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List of PUBG tips I’ve learned

This post will be dedicated to everything I learned while playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). I’m still relatively new and am by no means knowledgeable with PUBG tactics but will update the list as I learn.

Feel free to add your tactics in the comment section and maybe I’ll add them to the list.

Hoarding isn’t a bad habit.
I have had multiple matches where I was carrying something I thought was useless but ended up saving my life.
A great example of this would be gasoline, strange bullet calibers, and attachments.

Camping is key, sometimes. (Players alive 99-1)
I’ve noticed that I survive much longer when taking it easy. Move only when necessary such as looting or the circle closing in.

Stay outside the white ring, but inside the blue. (Players alive 99-25)
I’ve noticed most players hoard to the middle of the boundary circle – staying on the outer boundary of the white circle almost ensures you won’t be attacked from behind. Just keep an eye out for those folks who live life on the edge of the blue circle.

Crouching is a great way to hide.
There is something special about army crawling your way through the grass and it’s a great way to hide especially in foggy weather.

Some opponents are friendly.
Strangly enough, I’ve come across a couple friendies on the battlefeild.. in the video below we even began to work together but sadly didn’t get far.

Not bad for a solo noob.


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