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A fresh take on the traditional bridge-building genre of physics-based videogames, Poly Bridge aims to deliver a fun and challenging experience to its players, being grounded in a strong foundation of the bridge-builder while also pushing the genre in new directions, adding elements of playfulness and community that have come to characterize the title.


Poly Bridge was born out of Patrick’s love for phsyics-based building-games, specifically inspired by his favorite game of all time: Bridge Construction Set (aka Pontifex 2). Having made a bridge-building game previously, as a casual title for the iOS platform (Paper Bridge), Patrick was able to draw on his previous experience to push the boundaries and expectations of a game in the niche genre, and implement community-based features that would provide long-term value to the title and its players.


  • 105+ Level Campaign
  • Sandbox Mode to design your own levels
  • Steam Workshop integration for level sharing across the community
  • In-game animated GIF replay sharing (Integrated to our Online Gallery, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr)
  • Advanced building tools and gameplay elements such as multi-phase hydraulics pistons, node-based event system, drafting tools, etc.
  • Twitch integration for a unique streamer-viewer experience


GPUabuse score

Challenging yet simple - 74%


Poly Bridge is a simple physics based puzzle game that creatively features challenging levels.

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