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Seagate BarraCuda Pro

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in. My name is Josh and I run the GPUabuse website and gaming channel. Today we are checking out the Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10TB hard drive.

I’ve been using the these BarraCuda Pros for quite some time now, I say “these” because I have two of them in my system. I know some of you may be thinking – Josh, what are you going to do with 20TB of storage space? We will cover more on that a little bit later.

The Barracuda line comes in many styles to fit your needs, below are some examples:

Form Factor: 2.5-inch
Perfect For: Laptop storage, mobile storage, all-in-one storage, external storage
Capacity: 5TB, 4TB, 3TB, 2TB, 1TB, 500GB
Warranty: 2 years

Form Factor: 3.5-inch
Perfect For: Desktop storage, all-in-one storage, home servers, DAS devices
Capacity: 4TB, 3TB, 2TB, 1TB, 500GB
Warranty: 2 years

BarraCuda Pro
Form Factor: 3.5-inch
Perfect For: High-performance desktop, creative pro desktop applications, gaming
Capacity: 10TB, 8TB, 6TB, 4TB, 2TB
Warranty: 5 years

– From this point on we will only be covering BarraCuda Pro 10TB specifically.

BarraCuda Pro in-depth specs:
Heads: 14
Discs: 7
Spindle speed (RPM): 7200
Internal data transfer rate (Mb/s max): 2695
Max sustained transfer rate, OD read (MB/s): 220
I/O data-transfer rate (MB/s max): 600
Cache buffer: 256MB
Average latency: 4.16ms

Most basic hard drives’ spindle speed is around 5400rpm making the BarraCuda Pro roughly 33% faster, wow!

Why do I need two ten terabyte hard drives?

It’s really simple and less crazy when you put it this way: I am a gamer as well as a creator. Creating content takes up a ton of space, especially when you are required to keep backups of important (and sometimes not-so-important) files. I calculated one of my recorded videos took a total of 21.49GB including the raw and render and these multiple videos a week add up fast.

I also review games and find it beneficial to pre-install every game in my Steam library. Having fast access to my games is great because when I am feeling in-the-zone and want to record I don’t have to wait for the game to install and potentially lose that in-the-zone feel.

Brand loyalty – When I get products sent to me as a reviewer I have to look at each product as if it were brandless but when I am looking for reliable storage I always choose Seagate. The reason I choose Seagate for my storage is that they are reliable – I have yet to ever have a Seagate drive die on me – I can’t say the same for other brands. The 5 year warranty also keeps my mind at ease.

Overall if you need high capacity storage that is fast and reliable the BarraCuda is for you!

If you have any questions regarding the Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10TB drive leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer for you!


GPUabuse Score

Fast and reliable high-end storage - 95%


Fast and reliable storage

The only regret I have with the Seagate BarraCuda Pro is not getting it sooner, It's been a life saver! I am able to keep backups of all my raw files for recording, I have every single game installed for quick access, and the 5-year warranty keeps me feeling confident! I strongly recommend everyone interested in high capacity storage to check these drives out!

Seagate Barracuda
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