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Sprinter is a challenging, top-down action game, with a beautiful minimalist art style, soaked in a dynamic original soundtrack

Main Features

•Addictive, challenging gameplay that features lightning quick retries.
•Minimalist aesthetic with a hand-drawn feel and an color palette that shifts as the player progresses.
•Atmospheric original soundtrack that reacts to the player, building to a fever pitch with each chapter.
•An illustrated narrative told wordlessly, featuring perspectives on an intimate family story.

GPUabuse score

Relaxing - 69%


Sprinter features a relaxing sound track and minimalist graphics. It'll test your response time while comforting the mind.

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Capen The Barbarian

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My fascination with computer technology started when I first heard the Windows 98 boot sound. I’ve always been the creative type and started upgrading computer components as soon as I found out it was possible. I’m easy to get along with and like meeting new people. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and playing unusual game genres.

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