Thursday , August 17 2017
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Another $20 Steam Gift Card Giveaway!

  $20 Steam Gift Card

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We asked the GPUabuse PC Gaming Community to vote for our next giveaway item and the highest vote went to theĀ Steam Gift Card! In celebration of reaching 5000 YouTube subscribers on the GPUabuse PC gaming channel and passing half a million views on a single video we are giving away …

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How to activate region locked game keys

Download link Please note: My partners do NOT promote the use of VPNs to activate region locked keys. This is for educational use only. This is probably against ToS for many game clients USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I do not admit to using a VPN to activate region locks. …

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Valve rated F by the Better Business Bureau.

Sorry GABEN While this may be old news, I feel it has gone unnoticed The Better Business Bureau (BBB) uses a 100 point scoring scale to assign letter grades. For example, If you get a score between 97 to 100 Your letter rating will be an A+. If your score …

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