Wednesday , December 13 2017
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Updated Work Space

As many of you know I’ve been a little delayed on videos and articles this past week. Between updating the GPUabuse website, rewriting articles, and now updating my work space.

I have been wanting to upgrade my lighting ever since I moved my desk away from the window. I had a couple problems to worry about. First – the light that I upgraded to is a 19″ ring lamp that is too big to stick behind my desk without it being partially covered on the top by the overhead storage on my desk, and bottom by my monitor. [Click here to see ring light review]

So I went to the garage to find some tools that I thought would be helpful in removing the overhead (I ended up not using any of the tools)… My caveman instincts took over and I began pushing and pulling the overhead compartment like a paper clip bending back and forth it until it snaps. IKEA compressed wood chips were flying all over the place when it finally broke loose. I looked over at my cat Oliver expecting a nod of approval – instead I got a look of sadness. I had forgotten that Oliver on occasion likes to sleep on top of the desks overhead storage. Feeling horrible of what I had just done I decided to turn the overhead compartment into a little table for Oliver to sleep on.

Needless to say we are all caught up on my work space – now to get caught up on videos and articles.
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